Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing, Elliott Dacher

Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing, Elliott Dacher, M.D; Basic Health, 2006- Non traduit

Integral HealthIntegral health involves a new way of thinking about oneself. It's not just another self-help remedy, therapy, or technique. It's taking responsibility for one's health and life in a completely new, holistic way. It requires a dynamic, intentional transformation of mind and heart that leads to a profound shift in health and healing. Integral health is the next evolutionary step in human development. Too good to be true? Not so, says Elliott S. Dacher, M.D., who practiced internal medicine for more than twenty years. Frustrated when he could not treat his patients' underlying suffering, Dacher searched for a deeper source of healing, finding inspiration in Eastern philosophies that stressed the connection between mind and body. That prompted him to create this comprehensive program of integral health, based on author Ken Wilber's integral theory of consciousness. Dacher's program centers on four aspects of human existence—the inner aspects of the psychospiritual and the interpersonal and the outer aspects of the biological and the interpersonal. The reader learns how to deal with and make transformative shifts through each of the aspects using various contemplative practices that increase mind/body awareness and connection. In addition, the reader learns how to do an integral assessment involving all four aspects, design a personalized program of integral practice, and progress toward integral health. Not for someone seeking a quick fix, integral health demands a commitment to seeking the highest level of authentic health, happiness, and wholeness. For anyone who is seeking more and wishes to make the effort, Dacher shows the way to fulfill one's highest potential and lea a healthy life.